Needing an attorney can be frightening.  It shouldn't be. I have devoted my life to learning the Law for the Great State of Alabama and I am comfortable representing you in whatever crisis you encounter. 

With me as your attorney, you are a client and not just a case. With over 25 years of experience representing the people of South East Alabama who have been injured, arrested or are facing a family crisis you benefit from each case I've handled.  I also have an established track record in estate planning, probate and will preparation as well as divorce and child custody issues.

I deal with the law every day.  Most of my clients do not.  Lawsuits, court dates and papers filled with legal terms can be intimidating.  I believe that informed clients make better decisions.  Whether you suffer injury in a car crash or have been arrested for DUI, you should know as much about the case and your options as possible.  In order to serve you well, I will listen to what you have to say and then will work with you to develop options toward the desired outcome.

I have been a resident of Dadeville Alabama most of my life.  I have served the community with distinction and have earned a reputation for being the type of attorney you would want on your side.  I am here to serve YOU!

Robin Reynolds